Honeymoon Cove History








The Honeymoon Cove History

Honeymoon Cove is the name of a ficticious town along the Atlantic coast that once made its living in the fishing days of the 1800's and early 1900's. After the Second World War and the beginnings of more technology to both fish and process the catch, Honeymoon Cove, like many other small fishing villages, fell into a state of economic hardship. In 1950 several Hollywood Movie companies discovered this little gem. They came in and rebuilt much of the town to high code standards but retained the cove's charm and weatherbeaten appearance. In order to have an extra filming location the companies built a narrow gauge engine terminal not far from the cove with 3' gauge track and equipment readily available from the narrow gauge railroads of Colorado, New Mexico and the west coast. This terminal and railroad into the cove was used over the decades in movies as well as the cove location itself. The cove is used to this day in movies but is now a major tourist attraction as is the railroad and engine facilities. Life is good in Honeymoon Cove.

Enjoy yourself as we share the journey to Honeymoon Cove.